There are practical solutions for smaller churches ... I can have those conversations and we can make changes by the next Sunday.
Marilyn Brown
Small Church in Georgia

for volunteers in small churches and those who lead them

People who get it !

We've been where you are.

We won’t overwhelm you with information or give you one more thing to try that ends up not working in your ministry.

This is your place – for refuge, for renewal, and for a restart.

There is no church like your church, and there is no one like you – with your unique gifts, passion, or experience. We celebrate that!

Solutions that work !

While there’s no secret sauce to ministry growth, there are proven strategies that do work in small churches!

Unfortunately, the vast majority of those speaking to small churches are preaching the false promise that “if you build it, they will come.” That’s not biblical, and it’s never been the way of the Father. 

Hunting for the secret to ministry growth is what keeps lots of small churches in the trap of trial and error – and keeps them from experiencing the deeper goodness of transfomational ministry.

Throughout biblical & modern-day history, we see evidence that you do not need to grow a church in number to join God in His incredible work of life transformation. (One more time: You do NOT need to grow a church in order to experience ministry success!)

We're committed to transformational ministry,
right where you're planted.

I went from a place of 'I don’t want to have anything to do with ministry anymore, and I’m gonna quit,' to a place where for the first time in a decade, I’m excited to see what God’s going to do with this church.
Daryl Marco
Small Church in Wisconsin

Ministry that matters!

We'll show you how to get more results with less.

Less stress, less programming, less failure, less frustration, less burnout, less manipution – and more impact at the same time.

It’s true.

  • We believe relational-focused ministry yields more transformation than program-focused ministry.
  • We believe biblical success is the antithesis of church competition for the best programs and the most people.
  • We believe every small church has a specialized calling to fulfill in their unique community.
  • We believe you were created to influence. 

God has always been about the one.

And so are we. 

We are FOR you. 

We stand with small churches – not in the hope of who they can become but in the knowledge of Who is already at work. 

I became a senior pastor in 2020 ... Everything I was reaching for wasn’t geared towards the small town church. I felt alone. I felt isolated. Small Church Ministry has made my journey as a pastor easier because I have more tools that I can use for the small church. I feel refreshed. I feel renewed and equipped.
Don Joel
Small Church in California

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Don't take my word for it!

We'll show you how to make the changes you dream of.

What you get in the Academy Ministry Training

Designed to study one course per month, each unit includes short video modules, printable workbook, specific application, and practical next steps to share with others in your church.

Unit 1:
The Uniquely Beautiful Small Church Ministry

Identify the strengths of your church and discover where God's already working.

Unit 4:
Skills & Strategies For Relational Ministry

The core of ministry is great relationship, and they don't happen by default. Learn how to initiate, build, and nurture great relationships on every level in your church.

Unit 7:
Get Organized: How To Fit Ministry Into A Full Life

Adding church ministry to your life doesn't need to lead to exhaustion or burnout. We'll show you how to set up well for more time and less stress.

Unit 10:
Powerful Habits To Embrace For Change

If you're ever tired of not doing the things you plan to do, this unit is for you. Learn to follow-through on what's most important.

Unit 13:
Structure Your Ministry For Accountability, Consistency, & Growth

If structure feels like limiting red-tape to you, you haven't seen our version! Learn how stucture and accountabiity can lead to freedom, creativitiy, incredible impact, and healtheir teams!

Unit 16:
The Ministry Funnel: Outreach & Community

It's time to get intentional about outreach and community-building. These first 2 levels of the funnel are key in any ministry area and will bring a new perspective to leadership and programming.

Unit 19:
Gaining Support: Turn Uninterested People into Fans of Your Ministry

If you ever wished more support of your ministry area, this unit is for you. We're unpacking how to grow support and excitement about your ministry.

Unit 22:
The Money Side of Ministry

Whether you're spending out of your own pocket or managing a church budget, we've got tips and tools for success.

Unit 2:
Develop A Vision For Your Ministry + The Ministry Funnel

Specific steps to develop your vision and learn how the ministry funnel can help you get where you want to go in your ministry.

Unit 5:
The 4 I's Of Volunteers: Part I

Setting volunteers up for success involves more than just a sign up sheet. Learn the keys to volunteer recruiting with results that last.

Unit 8:
Confident & Effective Public Speaking For Anyone

Whether you're terrifiied or terrific at public speaking, learn new tips and strategies to go to the next level.

Unit 11:
First Impressions, Hospitality, & A Culture Of Care

First impressions and hospitality are key in every ministry area in the church. If you think first impressions is only about your welcome center, think again.

Unit 14:
The 4 I's of Volunteers: Part II

Dive deeper with healthy teams and learn the best way to involve and invest in them to stop the revolving door and build teams for longevity.

Unit 17:
How to Facilitate Small Groups Like a Pro

Great facilitation skills come in handy for all ages, whether leading breakouts, small groups, or helping at retreats.

Unit 20:
The Ministry Funnel: Spiritual Growth & Mission

Learn specific ways to invite people into deeper levels of spiritual development, commitment to ministry, and more.

Unit 23:
Dealing with Ministry Failure & Disappointment

Ministry disappointment is inevitable. How you process and move through feelings of failure make all the different between forward-moving momentum and bitter defeat.

Unit 3:
Plan Your Ministry Year

Save time and stress by planning your ministry year with proven strategies that help volunteers be successful.

Unit 6:
How To Motivate People To Grow, Serve, & Lead

The 5Gs are a game-changer for communitcation, influence, adn incredible impact.

Unit 9:
Planning Successful Events

Strategies specific for event planning for smaller numbers and smaller budgets.

Unit 12:
The Keys to Great Communication

Unspoken stress, hurt feelings, less than stellar relationships ... let's do better. Learn how with actionable tools, steps, and strategies.

Unit 15:
Delegation & Evaluation: Two Necessary Dance Partners

Delegating and evaluating well leads to teams that feel valuesd respected, and loved. Learn how to avoid the biggest mistakes and have greater impact.

Unit 18:
Promote Your Events for the Widest Right Reach

Not only will you learn new ways to promote your events, but will be unpacking how to reach the right people at the right time for the most effective reach.

Unit 21:
Dealing With Difficult People

Every church, community, and system includes difficult people in the mix. Greb some tips and grow in insight and deepen your love for the difficult people in your midst.

Unit 24:
Effectively Partner with Other Ministries & Community Groups

Your local church doesn't have to be an island. Learn the foundation and the steps for success partnership that builds unity and increases everyone's reach and impact.

Next Sunday doesn't have to be the same as the last.

I have been doing church and ministry for a lot of years. But the things I'm learning here ... I was like, ‘Where has this been all my life?' I wish I would’ve had this when I was starting out. It changed my perspective on what success looks like in church ministry. Success is not just a big church and numbers. We can be successful in small church ministry.
Tammy Adams
Small Church in Oregon
Small church ministry isn’t less ;
it’s just different