The Women's Ministry Bundle

Women's Ministry in Small Churches is

tough ...

If you're tired of ...

… ideas that don’t work with smaller numbers and smaller budgets

… pouring time into events that don’t seem to make a difference

… starting and re-starting with new people but the same struggles

We've got you covered!

Done-for-you resources that work the first time

A step by step plan that fits in your busy schedule

A strategy that gets others excited to join you

small church ministry isn't less ... it's just different

The Women's Ministry Bundle
For Small Churches

$ 29
  • Foundations Workbook For Small Church Women's Ministry Success
  • Quick Start Guide: A 4-Week Plan To Launch Your Women's Ministry
  • Complete Launch Party Plan Found In The Quick Start Guide
  • Classy Made-For-You Launch Party Promo Graphics
  • Customizable Women's Ministry Promo Handbook
  • Introduction to Canva Video Tutorial

created for small churches

Foundations Workbook

.. with simple doable steps to develop the foundation you need to grow a ministry that keeps moving forward even if leadership changes

A Quick-Start Guide

... to launch or re-launch your ministry, including the plan you need to generate "right now" excitement and momentum for more ministry impact

Friendly Templates

... that save you time and look amazing so you can share your ministry in way that builds confidence & trust, and turns spectators into fans!