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Resources and support for volunteers and ministry leaders in smaller churches.

Find proven strategies & successful tips here for women's ministry, children's ministry, worship, youth, communications, media, outreach, leadership, and more - all within the context of smaller churches.

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Small church ministry isn't less,
but it is different.

If you need volunteers and you're wondering what to do next, you're not alone.

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Burnout, failed events, and frustration don’t need to be part of your small church story. Join our community of 19,000+ people in small churches all over the world who are finding more joy and increased impact with strategies that work and friends who get it.

After 30+ years of ministry in both large and small churches, I’ve seen, experienced, and fallen in love with the unique calling of smaller churches. I now spend my time helping others do small church ministry with excellence. The Small Church Network is the world’s #1 learning community for volunteers and ministry leaders in small churches to get the essential advice & support you need to vision, create, and lead a ministry you love!

Since beginning Small Church Ministry, LLC in 2020, our website, podcast, and conferences have reached over 1 million people in small churches worldwide.

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Free conferences produced by small churches for small churches. 4x a year dive deeper into community and strategies that work in small churches.

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Individual support and training to level-up your ministry skills like recruiting volunteers, public speaking, planning events, digital skills, & more in The Small Church Academy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We represent a growing list of Christian churches and denominations from all over the globe. Learn more about us and read our statement of beliefs here

Absolutely! We exist for you. We create resources for volunteers, Sunday School teachers, deacons, nursery workers, pastors, office managers, and more. 

Of course. Our mission is to volunteers and those who lead them. You definitely fall under “those who lead them.” You’ll find lots of practical ministry skills in here and we’ll help you empower your leaders and volunteers so you’re not doing it alone.

Click here to check out our Guest Blogging Guidelines. We are always looking for great articles written by people in small churches for small churches.

Most of our speakers come through our community and referrals. If you’re interested in speaking, click here to learn more and apply. 

We are a for-profit ministry and our aim is to be self-sustaining. We sell resources so we can continue to provide even more resources for free.