Small Church Conferences in 2024

Our conferences happen on Saturdays from 11 am – 7 pm Eastern Time.

Jan. 27, 2024

Apr. 27, 2024

Jul. 27, 2024

Sept. 28, 2024

MORE VOLUNTEERS: A Team-Building & Leadership Conference

Small Church Ministry Conferences

Our free, quarterly, online conferences are perfect for small churches.

  • Connect with people who “get” small church ministry.
  • Find solutions that work for small church challenges.
  • Hear from people who are successful in small churches.

We held our first free, online quarterly conference in October 2020. It was so well-received, we did it again. And again. With quarterly conferences, each focused on a specific ministry area, small churches are more supported than ever.

Led by people IN small churches FOR people in small churches, there’s nothing else like it on the planet.

We are interdenominational and international. Click here for our statement of faith and core beliefs >> Who We Are & What We Believe.


Our conferences are designed to address the needs of smaller churches. They are led by successful people in small churches who value the unique calling and beauty of small church ministry.

Get solutions that work specifically for smaller churches

Hear from others who understand and value small church ministry

Connect with volunteers, ministry leaders, staff, and pastors of small churches

Benefit from ongoing support before, during, and after the conference


1. Where do the conferences happen?

Our conferences take place in a platform called RingCentral (formerly called Hopin).

RingCentral is one of the best venues out there for online events and gives us everything we need for extra connection with chatboxes, multiple stage areas, breakout rooms, a reception hall, networking, and an expo area.

For a sneak peek of RingCentral before the live event, we open the conference center the day before so you can check it out, grab resources in the expo area, and join in the chat. 

2. How do I register for a free conference?

Registration opens for each conference approximately 3 weeks before the live event. 

Get on our email list and follow us on Facebook and Instagram so you are the first to hear when registration goes live.  You can also check in at for more info on the current or upcoming conference.

3. Where can I find the schedule and list of speakers?

The full schedule and speaker lineup are available the day registration goes live for each conference (about 3 weeks before the conference).  Until then, a “Coming Soon” page can be found on our website with sneak peek info so you can plan ahead. 

Once you grab a free ticket, you’ll be sent links for the full schedule, speakers, topics, and more. The online schedule has a link to a printable version at the top of the page so you can download, print, highlight, and plan your day. The printable schedule also includes a time zone cheat sheet.

The day of the conference, the schedule is also available inside Hopin, our event platform.

4. Can I come for just part of the conference?

Yep! You can pop in as much or as little as you like.

I have to warn you though, you probably won’t want to leave once you jump in! And you might be a little sad about the sessions you miss. That’s why we offer optional upgrades with lifetime access to the replays.

5. Can I use my phone, tablet, or mobile device?

We don't recommend it. If possible, please plan to participate with a computer or laptop.

While RingCentral has mobile app for both iOS and Android, the interactive features are not reliable. Our attendees report their best experience is with a laptop or computer.

If you choose to use a mobile device, make sure to download the RingCentral App. However, if you choose to use a mobile device and call in for tech help, we will not be able to help you. 

We also highly recommend you use the CHROME browser. If you’re not sure what a browser is, it’s the thing (like Safari or Edge) that lets you search for stuff on your computer. RingCentral works really well with CHROME, and using Chrome minimizes tech issues. (It’s free to download and one of the most popular browsers on both macs and pcs.)

One more time: For the best experience, use your laptop or computer and download the CHROME browser.

6. Will I be on video?

Only if you want to! While most sessions happen with only the presenters visible on-screen, we have optional meetups which look a lot like a Zoom call with multiple people on video. 

In addition, the networking area is a great way to make great connections with others in small churches, just like a Zoom call, but better!

To enjoy these extra connection opportunities, make sure to allow access to your webcam and mic (typically built into a laptop).

7. Do I have to interact?

Nope, you don’t have to do a thing, but you might want to. 

Our past attendees mention the interaction available at our online conferences as one of their highlights.

During the conference, you can ask questions to the speakers, have conversations in chatboxes, join in discussions and meetups, and connect with new friends in the networking area. 

8. What's the Conference Facebook Community?

For some of our conferences we open up a temporary conference-specific Facebook Community, specifically for discussion and connection around the conference. (This is especially important for our conferences focused on pastors and/or their spouses.)

With other conferences where the topic crosses into multiple-ministry areas (like Christmas or Volunteers), we utilize our ongoing Facebook Community in the countdown to the big event. 

Either way, it’s a great time to win prizes, build community, and hear from speakers before the live event.

9. What happens at the Kickoff Events?

The day before each live event, we open RingCentral for a few Kickoff Events. We hold these from 2-4 pm ET and 7-9 pm ET so people in different time zones have a better opportunity to join in!

We meet up in RingCentral so you can check it out early, get resources from the expo, meet some new friends, ask questions, and get prizes.  It’s a fun time to get to know Hopin and visit some breakout sessions too.

Although the Kickoff Events happens at a specified time, RingCentral is open all day so you can test your link, visit the platform, join the chat, and start grabbing awesome free resources available in the expo area.

Friday morning, you’ll receive a link to join by email. If you don’t see it, email We’re here to help.

10. How does RingCentral work?

Once you reserve your free ticket, you’ll get instructions to enter RingCentral.

You need to use the personal link we send you by email. Because our conferences are private events, they will not be listed on RingCentral’s event page. 

Easy steps:

1. Click the link we send to your inbox. Once you get your free ticket, we’ll send an email with your personalized link to register in RingCentral. We suggest you register in RingCentral as soon as you get our confirmation.

2. Follow the instructions in RingCentral. Once you click the link, follow the quick steps in RingCentral to register and enter the event. It’ll look something like this:

3. Enter the event.  Follow the steps to enter the event, even if the conference is days or weeks away. Once you enter the event, you’ll see a countdown timer and know you’re all set! Use that same link for Kickoff Events and the Conference itself.

11. Why don't you hold your conferences on Zoom?

RingCentral offers a much better experience than Zoom! 

In RingCentral, we are able to host a unified event with tons more interaction and breakout sessions that keep us connected all day long – with just ONE link. Plus, lots of our favorite features like the networking and expo areas are unique to the RingCentral platform.

Our conference attendees love RingCentral! We think you’ll really like it too!

12. Why sell upgrades if it's a free conference?

I’m glad you asked!

The entire live conference is free to attend including a full day of speakers, breakout sessions, interaction, networking, the expo area, and more.

The upgrade bundles available for purchase extend the conference benefit far beyond the live event and also allow us to keep serving small churches on a mass scale.

For your benefit, purchasing replays is like buying an album to take home after the event. In addition, the VIP Bundle includes a PDF Conference Workbook, ministry toolkit, bonus workshop, plus incredible bonus resources from speakers and ministry partners. At more than 90% off, it’s a great deal for over $2000 of ongoing support & resources.

Replay sales also help us cover our costs, sustain our ministry, and expand our reach. In addition to our free website, podcast, Facebook community, and more, there are big costs to produce each conference including 3+ months of work by a staff of people.

People who’ve purchased past VIP Bundles brag about the value and are quick to purchase at the earliest deal.

Thanks to the generosity of our speakers and ministry partners, the VIP Bundle is available at a substantial discount, typically with a savings of over 90%!

I registered and did not get an email. What should I do?

If you reserved a free conference ticket, you should’ve received an immediate confirmation in your inbox. It contains important information and the links you need for the conference.

If you registered and are NOT receiving emails from, check your spam folder or your promotions folder.

IF YOU STILL CAN’T FIND THEM, email There may be a typo in your email address or a glitch we need to fix! 

More questions? 

Email with “CONFERENCE QUESTION” in the subject line.