Small Church Ministry is the world's #1 resource for small churches.

Small Church Ministry is an interdenominational and international support organization for small churches. We represent 100s of denominations in 80 countries over 6 continents. We are a for-profit ministry with a heart to reach small churches with resources that work for smaller budgets and smaller numbers. We are incredibly relational, deeply caring, and have a reputation of delivering resources that are high-quality and effective. 

Our resources & communities include: Small Church Ministry WebsiteCreative Solutions for Small Churches Facebook community, The Small Church Ministry PodcastSmall Church Summits, and The Small Church Network.

Hi, I'm Laurie!

Founder Laurie Acker is best known for taking a personal blog and growing it into the World’s #1 Resource For Small Churches in the span of 24 months. After starting a career as a youth director and vowing to never marry a pastor, Laurie now spends her time helping people in small churches identify where God is already at work and step into their influence to join Him there. She speaks boldly against the lie that “if you do it right, your church will grow” and instead models doing ministry like Jesus. Enjoy her teaching on The Small Church Ministry Podcast and connect with her on Facebook or Instagram. If you’re ever in Tucson, AZ, stop in for a visit to meet Laurie and her family, including her pastor-husband, 3 grown kiddos, a son-in-law, & a very busy puppy named Pesto.

Team Members

Maggie Dupree
Tucson, AZ

 Project Manager & Visual Strategist

Cheri Kulhawick
Rockwell, NC

Outreach Specialist & Virtual Assistant

Becky Sargent
Cape Coral, FL

Team Leader & Community Manager

Amy Satterfield
Flintville, TN

Conference Team Mentor & Trainer

Clara Nagy
Phoenix, AZ

Allison Kulhawick
Copley, OH