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Perfect For Women’s Ministry In Your Small Church

Are you looking for some ladies’ craft night ideas for your women’s ministry? Here are 12 budget-friendly craft night ideas.

We’ve compiled a list of some fantastic craft night ideas that will work for any size group. You can try any or all of them. These nights are about fellowship, building relationships, and having fun! The crafting will be a great experience and tons of fun! 

These events are huge hits for women’s ministries everywhere.

1. Paint Party

You don’t need to be an artist or even have one in your group to pull off a successful paint party. Do a little YouTube research to find someone you like who is easy to follow along. Charge a small fee if needed to cover supply expenses. Show the YouTube video and paint along! For more info on this, check out this article: Host A Women’s Ministry Paint Party At Your Small Church.

2. Jewelry

This can be as easy or as intricate as your group wants to do. For the first ladies’ craft night, it would be better to do a simple beaded bracelet or necklace. You can purchase beads and supplies in advance, or ladies can shop ahead of time for their beads and supplies and bring their choices to the event. Basic supplies needed include needle-nose crafting pliers, wire cutters, wire, beads, and clasps

3. Wreath Making

This craft night is often requested several times each year as the seasons change. Wreaths can be used on the front door, inside the house, or given as gifts. Supplies will vary depending on the type of wreath you are making. Planning ahead to watch for supplies on sale is helpful –– flowers, ribbons, and especially holiday-themed decor and embellishments sell out quickly.

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4. Decorate A Trinket Dish

Everyone has some trinkets, coins, jewelry, etc., that need a place. Use alcohol ink, sharpies, or flat glass marbles to decorate. This idea works great for almost everyone! Ladies can bring their own trinket dishes or they can be purchased ahead of time.

5. Soap Making

One thing that is great about this idea –– almost any container can be used, from soap molds to candy molds (if you aren’t going to use them for candy again), to mini bread muffin tins, etc. You can purchase big blocks of soap at your local craft store. 

6. Painting Rocks

Using weather-resistant acrylic paints, these rocks are a hit! Paint designs on them for the home garden. Paint encouraging sayings or short Bible verses on them to place throughout the city or give to a friend. 

7. Create Wall Art

If you are looking for some personal creativity, there is no better project than this one! The possibilities are endless!

Use a flat canvas pane and acrylic paints to create a painting, empowering saying, or favorite Bible verse. Use scrapbook paper, glue, fun stickers, and craft scissors for your creation. Or choose a background, either painted or plain, and use inspirational quote planner stickers for a smaller work of art. Frame it, and you will be sure to impress!

Second Option: Do a loose weaving using jute and natural materials, whether you find them on a hike, purchase from a craft store, or bring your own.

8. Coffee Mug Art

This is a super easy ladies’ craft night project. Decorate a coffee mug (plain color or white gives the best effect) using permanent Sharpie markers. Dots of varying sizes are fun, or a more adventurous woman in your group may choose to paint a lovely country or city scene, or write a scripture. It dries almost instantly, so it’s ready to go when you are finished.

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9. Create A Personal Journal Or Notebook

Whether you are creating a journal or a notebook for study notes, sermon notes, or grocery lists, creating a journal is relatively easy. Your ladies will be able to use it themselves or give it away as a gift.

Women’s ministry groups use either a blank sketchbook or blank copy paper and have it bound at the local office supply store. In addition, you may want to also have pens, colored pencils, markers, rulers, and stickers. Oftentimes, women will add doodles or scriptures to various pages. 

10. DIY Mason Jar

Gather your women to paint mason jars for flower arrangements, make-up brushes, pens, or smoothie straws. Have some acrylic paints, burlap ribbon, flat glass marbles & glass glue, permanent Sharpie markers, and scrapbook paper & Elmer’s glue to create some awesome DIY mason jars!

11. Candle Making

It is super easy to roll sheets of beeswax around a wick to create an old-fashioned candle. For a longer burning candle, be sure the candle is tightly rolled. You can purchase sheets of beeswax fairly inexpensively.

12. Painting Clay Flower Pots

Use weather-resistant acrylic paint to brighten up a clay pot for your garden. After you are finished painting, you have an amazing pot for a flower or a beautiful gift for a neighbor or secret sister. To make it extra special, plant a flower in it from your local garden store before you give it away.

Final Words Of Wisdom

Do some research, know what materials you will need, and if you are charging a fee, it should be minimal just to cover the cost of materials. Make sure to create an example craft ahead of time so you know the ins and outs and what to expect. To add value to your event, consider serving simple snacks for a little extra time of fellowship at the end while others may still be finishing their projects. And, if you know anyone that has done a craft before, by all means, invite them to teach or do a demo! Ladies who craft usually love to share what they know and give helpful hints on what they have learned by experience. 

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