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Try this outreach idea to bring your small church together for 7 impactful stations your small church can easily do in one day. All prep is done in-house. When the event is finished, volunteers deliver the Blessing packages.

If you’re looking for ways for the people in your small church to serve others, fulfill God’s mission, and work together as a family, a Blessings Event might be your answer! Simple activity stations held on the same day create opportunities for families, young adults, teens, retired folks, singles, couples, and everyone in your church to get involved in projects focused on helping others and being a blessing.

All-Age Event With 7 Stations

Start by choosing local ministries or charities to give a blessing to. Next, set up stations around your church that targets each ministry or group you plan to bless. At each station, post simple instructions with actionable tasks that result in blessing that group. 

Not only can everyone enjoy being part of the blessing, but participants also have an opportunity to learn more about the various needs in your community and build ongoing connections. One goal of a Blessings Event is to cultivate a passion for making a difference and serving others in the Lord’s name.

Why Host A Local Outreach Event?

Hosting A Blessings Event Can Offer Your Small Church:

  • Fun for all ages and stages as they work together. 
  • Promotion of the importance of caring for those in your community and beyond.
  • Opportunity for families to learn to serve the Lord side by side.
  • Great connection points for building relationships with people of all ages as you spend time working on these projects.
  • Awareness of needs that are present in your own town.

Invite Everyone In Your Church To Participate

Take the opportunity to personally invite someone who may not be as connected in the church and provide them the chance to join you at the event! They will be able to serve while meeting others in your small church; this is a win-win!!

Setting Up For Your Event

Assemble a planning team to determine what Blessing Stations you will host at your small church event. This is essential. Make a list of materials needed for each station and ask for donations of materials or monetary contributions to gather supplies before your event. 

Ask local businesses if they would be interested in donating items to help bless others.

Set up stations all around your fellowship hall or church so that small groups or families can travel from station to station to work on their projects. This allows for movement, keeps people engaged, and helps younger ones to get their energy out. Read more about this concept here: Movement in Children’s Ministry

Try to position a volunteer in charge of each ‘Blessing Station.’ They can answer any questions, give out instructions, and make sure participants know exactly who will be blessed by their service. Your volunteer will also act as a ‘cheerleader’ to the groups as they work on their projects to keep energy and interaction high!

Each station should contain all materials needed to complete the project, clear written instructions posted in a visible spot, and a sign about the recipient of the blessing! This also makes a great photo op for participants. 

Partner with a missionary your small church supports. Find out some of their specific needs and design a Blessing Station to help fulfill those needs. 

Try These ‘Blessing Stations’ At Your Church

1. Clothing Drop-Off

Designate an area for people to bring in used clothing for a shelter or thrift store. Participants will fold and categorize clothing and pack it up for delivery.

2. Thank You Card Station

Set up some tables and offer card-making supplies ready for people to make thank-you cards for first responders in your neighborhood.

3. Food Drive

Fill empty laundry baskets with non-perishable food items for a local food pantry or soup kitchen. Ask church family members or even community members to drop off donations the week prior to the event.

4. Cookie Decorating

Stage a cookie or cupcake decorating area (frosting bags, sprinkles, etc.). Wrap each treat individually and make baskets of goodies to bring to your local police department with a thank you card from the church.

(Hint: For a professional look, place each cupcake in a clear punch cup before wrapping.)

5. Toiletries Bags

Collect sample-size hygiene items and make Blessing Bags for homeless people or refugee shelters in your area.

6. New Mom Care Packages

Choose baby or new mom items for the first-time mom bags. These are always welcomed gifts. Work with a crisis pregnancy center or young mothers ministry and make gift bags for moms. Fill your bags or baskets with newborn diapers, a onesie, infant socks, a devotional book, baby wipes, energy bars, chocolate for mom, and tissues for postpartum tears!

7. Foster Child Bags

Fill these drawstring bags to help children feel loved in an uncertain time. Bags could include a small stuffed animal, a Christian book, crayons, socks, and a toothbrush.

Explore the needs in your town, talk to the school counselors, and check with other social agencies to see what needs are out there. You can’t do all of them, but you can make a difference in one! There are other ways to support your town through Partnering With Local Schools.

Celebrate With Snacks

Think of snacks as one final Blessing Station to bless your participants and to say thank you!

After your groups complete the stations, celebrate your great work by having refreshments together. Gathering around the food table is yet another opportunity to build relationships and encourage intergenerational activity. If you like seeing your senior adults engaged in this kind of event, here’s a great article that may inspire some more ideas: Keeping Seniors Engaged In Your Church.

Keep your menu simple. Order pizza and serve bagged salad or serve simple dessert items and drinks. Popcorn and small bags of chips can be fun and easy to serve as well.

Wrap up the day with a time of praise and prayer. Ask participants to share a highlight of the day. Invite some to lead in prayer for the recipients of your projects, and ask your pastor or ministry leader to close out with a prayer of thanksgiving for your small church family!

You Can Make A Difference

We know your small church can be a blessing and make a difference in the lives of others while impacting your community. In return, you are building relationships between people of all ages within your church family. What a gift! So go out there and host a Blessings Event at your small church.

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